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Gumbo File’ (Salt-Free)


Ground Sassafras Root, Gumbo File’

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An integral part of Creole and Cajun cuisine cooking used to flavor and thicken gumbos and other dishes. Our Gumbo File’ combines dried ground sassafras leaves with ground thyme and rosemary for a woodsy, herbaceous seasoning for flavoring and thickening dishes.

File’ powder is the term used for ground sassafras root. The root and leaves of the sassafras tree were used by Native Choctaw Indians. The flavor is similar to root beer but with woodsy, rosemary notes. File’ powder is often used as a thickener more than a flavoring agent. This is particularly true in gumbo, a traditional Creole dish. Our Gumbo File’ is a salt-free seasoning.

INGREDIENTS: sassafras, thyme, rosemary

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