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About Us

Southern New England Spice Company is a leading supplier of premium seasoning blends and spices to restaurants, breweries, farm stores, colleges, and food manufacturers. We are a local spice and seasoning supplier that serves our customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont, as well as partners across the country.

We specialize in custom seasoning blends that are available in bulk, restaurant, and retail packaging. Our full-service operation is known for spices and seasonings that are delivered in person to your kitchen shelf. We restock as frequently as you need us. In addition, we serve our neighbors and friends at our retail store.

We carry over 300 quality spices, seasonings, and complementary food products. Many of our spice blends have a significantly lower salt and sugar content. We pride ourselves on our salt-free seasonings that we have offered for over 20 years.

For us, it’s all about the spices. We carry only the highest quality spices from the most trusted sources. We seek to please the most discerning chefs at all levels with the freshest ingredients at remarkable prices.


Custom Spice Blending

Many companies and organizations seek custom spice blends—including restaurants, retail stores, food manufacturers, school systems, and managed care facilities. Customers have come to us for their custom spice blends for over 20 years, for example:

  • Companies that want to protect their secret recipes
  • Restaurants and facilities with multiple locations that need to ensure their blends are consistent
  • Food manufacturers that need just-in-time deliveries
  • Growing seasoning companies that are nearing their production capacity
  • Farm stores and gift shops that are unable or don't wish to do their own blending
  • Managed care facilities, skilled nursing homes, and retirement communities that require salt-free seasonings
  • School systems that must comply with federal and state mandates regarding sodium levels
  • Facilities that want to streamline their inventory by not stocking individual spices

We can produce batches anywhere from 20 lbs to 200 lbs!

Southern New England Spice Company works with restaurants and food service groups, both big and small, all over Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and beyond. Our expertise in custom seasoning blending ensures that your unique flavors will continue to bring your customers back and will remain consistent no matter which of your locations they visit.


Getting Started

To get started, first select your seasoning blend:

  • Choose from one of our favorite house blends
  • Provide your own unique recipe
  • Customize one of our seasoning blends with your special additions

Then, we'll make a test batch and send you a sample along with baseline pricing. Once you approve it (with as many passes as needed), we'll be ready to produce your first order.



We offer personalized delivery service to all of our restaurants and food service organizations. We deliver directly to you—specifically, to your kitchen. We come as often or as little as you need us. Think of us as your virtual warehouse!

Our sales professionals will work directly with you on your order, including quantities, custom seasoning blends, packaging, pricing, and how often we should come. And if you don’t need or want in-person delivery, we can ship directly to you. If you aren’t currently meeting with one of our team members, just give us a call at 413-586-2633, and we'll be out right away!

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