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Salt-Free Seasonings

One of the key recommendations in the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans is to reduce sodium intake. Excess sodium in the diet can increase blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. Most Americans consume more than the 2,300 mg recommended daily limit for sodium, and salt is the most common source of sodium.

Today, salt reduction is playing an essential role throughout food service operations in their efforts to provide people with the healthy food they need. Meals made with less salt are healthier options for children, seniors, and everyone in between. Managed care facilities, skilled nursing homes, retirement communities, school systems, and health-forward restaurants are examples of food service operations seeking flavorful seasonings to boost their no and low sodium dishes.

Here at Southern New England Spice Company, salt-free seasonings is one of our specialties. While many of these seasonings are naturally salt-free, others are based on our top selling seasonings that we have specially formulated for a salt-free version that everyone can enjoy. "No Salt" at the end of the name means we carry both regular and no salt versions of these seasonings.

Our salt-free seasonings will give your dishes the bold flavors you expect—but without the salt. For delicious salt-free flavor, we’ve got you covered!


Our Salt-Free Seasonings include:


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