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Prime Rib Seasoning


Southern New England Prime Rib Seasoning

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Prime Rib Rub is a delicious seasoning to crust prime rib, hamburgers and pork roast.

A simple seasoning to make your meal spectacular. Our Prime Rib Seasoning allows your meats to shine while adding the perfect complement of flavor. A blend of salt, black pepper, white pepper, garlic and other spices that has been crafted from years of catering experience. Sprinkle on prime rib, steaks, roasts and even halibut.

Ours is rich with mustard and Worcestershire and a hint of the of Beau Monde Seasoning, a popular onion and celery blend. Contains MSG.

INGREDIENTS:  beef base, black pepper, sea salt, garlic, onion, breadcrumbs (enriched flour (flour, malted barley, niacin, ferrous sulfate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), water, yeast, salt, malt, vegetable shortening (soybean, cottonseed), dough conditioner (mono- and diglycerides, sodium and/or calcium stearoyl lactylate, soy lecithin, calcium

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